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IT all started in a little gym in Muhaisnah...

In 2012 the functional fitness community was a handful. The nucleus of this community trained at a 'globogym' in Muhaisnah, Dubai without proper equipment in a really small space. 

It was there I realized the huge dearth of quality equipment especially functional fitness gear in the region. 

Spartan began as a one man operation representing MuscleDriver from there we grew to represent some of the world's leading brands, such as Legend Fitness, Versaclimber, Trueform, Assault Bike. 

We had the pleasure of getting involved in projects such as FITREPUBLIK, the ICC Academy, Masdar City and many others. 


We've had our highs and our lows.


Today we are a company with a motivated, committed and enterprising team working out of an 8000sqft office and warehouse space. 


We represent quality international brands and have grown from a mere equipment supplier to a multi service fitness solutions company on the verge of greatness. 


And to think  it all began in a tiny corner of a globogym in Muhaisnah.

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"An Individual plays the game , but a TEAM beats the odds"

At Spartan we take pride is our small yet efficient and enterprising team. 

Our Sales team takes a consultative approach toward our clients giving them what they need to make their vision a reality. 

Our Install and Service team is made up of qualified techicians with our own logistics infrastructure so we can execute installs efficiently and  answer service calls within or even less than 24 hours. 

Our  Customer Support Team is always available to answer your queries. 

Of course we don't claim to be the best, but at Spartan Athletique we endeavor to be the best in what we do. I hope with you, our customers', support we will be !

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