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DKM  Insulation + Protection + Control

 'SIlence is Golden...' -  Muhammad Ali


DKM Construction was established in Istanbul, Turkey in 2003 with a mission to provide sustainable and innovative acoustics solutions for buildings and structures. 

DKM's Seismic Protection, Vibration Control & Sound Insulation products have garnered an important place, not only, in the Turkish construction industry but the surrounding regions as well. 


The team at DKM works with consultants and contractors to find the best acoustic solution for the project which results in superior sound/vibration dampening and eventual cost savings. 

To top it off : DKM's products are manufactured not from rubber granules but RECYCLED ELASTOMER FOAM which is a world's first making the products 100% recycled and environmentally sustainable.


DKM's Products contribute to 3 basic criteria in LEED and BREEAM rating scores.

 TUNEX is DKM's flagship sound insulation product. Developed entirely in-house from years of research and experience TUNEX is designed to prevent acoustic transmission and  provide thermal insulation. 


  • Comes in rolls with an optional hydrophobic fabric cover.

  • Thicknesses: 10 mm, 5 mm, 3 mm  

  • Installation : 

    • Under Screed​

    • Over Screed: Under Carpet, Parquet & Tiles. 

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Above: DKM's TUNEX membrane with fabric cover installed under screed

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